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Drag-and-drop Web design solution.

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Freeway ProOverview

Freeway Pro lets you build websites with speed and precision... without writing a line of code!

With its user-oriented drag-and-drop interface, Freeway Pro helps you piece together the website of your dreams. Add images, audio, video and interactive content -- when your masterpiece is complete, Freeway Pro converts it into clean, standards-compliant code at the click of a button!

Beyond Web Design

Freeway isn't just for web designers: Leverage the power of the intuitive interface to create eye-catching email newsletters that work with all major email clients!

Pro-level Options

Freeway Pro is more advanced than its counterpart, Freeway Express:

  • Access hundreds of plugins.
  • Create pixel-perfect style sheet layouts.
  • Animate your content with fluid transitions.
  • Add sophisticated search capabilities to your site.
  • Import professional graphic types.
  • … And much, much more!


New Features

  • Support for media-aware text styles
  • Size option for background images
  • Added Command-R shortcut for Refresh in Freeway's internal Preview
  • Eolas workaround defaults to off for newly imported content
  • SVGs can be output as native web graphics instead of plug-in content

Crashes and Errors

  • Freeway doesn't crash after using keyboard entry in an Edit Styles popup or combo box
  • Freeway doesn't crash when importing HTML that contains a Menu/List
  • Graphic Preview doesn't crash with non-passthrough SVG graphics
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when undoing after switching to a master page
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when undoing after deleting an inflow block item before another inflow block item
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after deleting a labelled item
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when closing document after dragging master on to page
  • Freeway doesn't crash if you apply a colour label in the Link Map view
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a background image is unexpectedly missing from a media background
  • Freeway doesn't hang when calculating how to lay out floated items in an undefined-height item with padding
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after importing an image as a pass-through graphic and undoing
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when drawing shadowed text
  • Freeway doesn't crash after importing styles with shadow colours
  • Freeway doesn't hang or grow items to maximum height when applying a graphic effect to flexible-width items
  • Freeway doesn't hang when clear is set on a floated item following a zero-width floated item
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing an Edit Styles change
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when an inflow pass-through graphic has a master (non-graphic) HTML item
  • Fixed issues that could cause Freeway to crash if an instance page is opened in a second window while a master page is being edited
  • Prevented a situation in which Freeway could crash after a carriage return is deleted before an inflow HTML item
  • Freeway doesn't crash if more than 255 characters are pasted into the tag style field
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a file with a bad background image


  • Fixed a "file not found" issue that could occur when publishing
  • Fixed a "file not found" problem that affected publishing when graphics were set to not be published
  • Text decoration is output correctly for link styles
  • Inflow items that were previously right-aligned non-inflow items don't output double widths
  • Graphic effects are output for pass-through graphics
  • Pass-through images with graphic-effect borders are output correctly
  • Extended attributes are output for markup and Action items
  • The Publish (Resource) checkbox is respected when pass-through or inline resources are published
  • Fixed a problem that caused an unwanted span to be added to inflow markup items on a master page
  • Email addresses are encoded when the address isn't preceded by a space
  • Stylesheets are republished after a style has been edited
  • Fixed an issue that could cause images to be missing after publishing from a master page

HTML Dirtying

  • Pages are HTML-dirtied when references to deleted anchors or pages are removed
  • Duplicating an inflow graphic HTML-dirties the page
  • Fixed a problem that caused pages to be dirtied on preview when IE6 compatibility was selected
  • Searching and replacing dirties pages so they are republished correctly
  • Edit URLs dirties pages so they are republished correctly
  • Instance pages are dirtied when the master-page name is changed via the Site panel


  • Fixed a situation in which inflow items are wrongly positioned too far below a floated item
  • Parent flexible-width items with available-width children are resized correctly
  • Form elements can have 100% width
  • SVGs without a width and height are displayed correctly within Freeway
  • Site pages are updated when Paste Markup is used on a master page
  • Fixed a page selection issue after dragging a page into a new document and undo/redoing
  • Freeway recalculates children of Available-width items correctly
  • Corner mounts aren't drawn in wrong place after clearing a media type
  • Max-width doesn't get reset when the dimensions of an item are changed
  • Layer items with top/bottom insets are correctly positioned after a size calculation
  • Table cell/row heights can be set reliably
  • Prevented inflow items from being increased to more than 100% width
  • Page bounds are updated correctly after deleting a media type that isn't currently displayed
  • Boxes don't shrink to zero when external HTML content is imported
  • Item constraining works for an inflow item with auto margins
  • Percentage-width parents are constrained to inflow content
  • Freeway updates page dimensions when a page is constrained
  • Percentage max-width parents are constrained to inflow content
  • Percentage min-width parents are constrained to inflow content
  • Pass-through graphics with percentage widths don't shrink to zero height when pasted as inflows
  • Percentage widths/heights aren't converted to pixel values when an item is pasted as an inflow item
  • Freeway adjusts percentage-sized items correctly when they are pasted as inflow items
  • Flexible-width items don't cause parents to grow when padding, borders, or margins are added
  • Available/max-width items don't grow or shrink when padding is added or removed
  • Parent flexible-width items are resized to fit child flexible-width items
  • Clear works properly on a non-floated item following a zero-width floated item
  • Typing in flexible-width right-floated item doesn't grow the item outside the page bounds
  • Graphic effects don't shrink vertically when output on a pass-through graphic with undefined height
  • Graphic effects don't collapse horizontally when output on a pass-through graphic with undefined width
  • Freeway redraws boxes properly when text is deleted from a flexible-width item
  • Decreasing the width of a sliced HTML item doesn't leave a gap between the right edge and layer child items
  • SVG graphics are displayed at scaled sizes in Freeway
  • Graphic effects applied to HTML items with padding don't cause the item's height to grow
  • Fixed a situation in which inflow items are wrongly overflowed after a floated item
  • Instance pages are redrawn correctly after moving an item on a master page with two windows open
  • Items are constrained correctly when they contain an available-width child inflow with padding or margin
  • Freeway doesn't add an extra carriage return after deleting an inflow item and undo/redo/undoing
  • Inflow items with Display turned off do not affect the layout of parent items with undefined height
  • Display is turned back on when a CSS item is converted to a table-positioned item
  • Inflow items with Display turned off don't affect the layout of parent items with undefined width
  • The Clear setting of inflow items with Display turned off doesn't affect layout
  • Freeway deals correctly with layouts in which the first item is floated right and second is floated left
  • Freeway grows parent items when an available-width child has been grown
  • Form items with defined widths don't change size when they are pasted
  • Items that contain floated graphics don't overflow when their width is shrunk
  • Clicking in an empty flexible-width item with a graphic effect doesn't increase the height to its maximum value
  • Fixed an issue that could cause instances of master items to have bogus percentage heights


  • Freeway's Internal Preview doesn't display a blank page when a document contains Flash content
  • Freeway doesn't display publish problem dialogs when switching between media in Preview mode
  • Fixed a problem that caused Freeway's internal preview to be blank on an external monitor
  • Refreshing Freeway's internal Preview also empties the WebKit cache


  • Updated a number of keyboard shortcuts in non-English localizations

Text and Styles

  • Font features work correctly after a font change
  • 1px rules are displayed correctly
  • Fixed a situation where Freeway could fail to draw text shadows for the first word in a paragraph
  • Fixed a situation where text shadows were being clipped
  • Freeway doesn't miscalculate the width of the last line of a paragraph
  • Text in tables that are outside their parent can be edited


  • Freeway displays a progress bar that can be stopped when importing HTML
  • Fixed a problem that made it impossible to locate non-graphic media in the Edit Resources dialog


  • Fixed a problem that caused the Flash fallback option to stop working in the Video Extras Action
  • Submenus no longer overlap main menus when the CSS Menus Action is set to display submenus on the left
  • The submenu custom border interface in the CSS Menus Action now displays correctly
  • A CSS Menus Action JavaScript error no longer appears when publishing from breakpoints
  • Fixed an issue that could cause text sizes to be wrong when using the Auto-populate option in the CSS Menus Action
  • Auto-populated CSS Menus now show styling in live preview
  • Fixed an issue that could cause submenu borders to display incorrectly in the CSS Menus Action
  • The Auto-populate option of the CSS Menus no longer automatically capitalizes menu items
  • Pages no longer scroll to the top when CSS Menus are activated in responsive mode
  • Prevented an error from occurring when CSS Menus Action items are overflowed
  • Fixed an issue that prevented multiple CSS Menus Actions from working on the same page


  • Keyboard entry works in menus
  • "Distribute" is spelled correctly in the Distribute dialog
  • The Edit Resources Delete button deletes background images
  • Table contents are redrawn correctly after a table has been moved
  • Actions aren't wrongly removed from inflow items that are based on master items
  • The Range popup in the Find dialog doesn't overlap with the text field below it
  • Fixed an issue where the media blob would be displayed in the Default tab after deleting a media type
  • The media blob is removed after clearing a media type
  • Media tabs are updated immediately when a media width is changed
  • Prevented a bogus warning from Edit Media Types about used media types being deleted
  • Edit Resources lists background images that are not used by the current media
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Publish Graphic and other settings from being changed for missing graphics
  • The Edit Styles dialog doesn't keep reverting to show CSS and Graphic properties
  • The Site Panel displays links and alt text correctly when items are closed in the Item view
  • Freeway displays background images correctly when Background Scrolls is turned off
  • Fixed a situation in which pages were not redrawn properly after deleting media
  • Fixed a situation in which instance items mistakenly reverted to master settings
  • Save Archive saves files that are not used by the current media
  • The Actions palette displays rollover states of inflow items correctly after switching media views
  • Document Info lists background images that are not used by the current media
  • Edit Resources marks a document as changed when an image is deleted
  • Media background images are updated correctly
  • Style background images that have been changed are marked as modified
  • Inner glow and inner shadow graphic effects are removed when a graphic is reimported as a pass-through
  • Inflow instance items don't revert to master settings when Show Links has been selected
  • Child graphic content isn't lost when a master parent is deleted
  • Alternative sources for Audio/Video content are listed in Edit Resources and checked before publishing
  • Fixed a situation in which the Text Opacity dialog displayed an infinity symbol
  • Freeway automatically locates missing background images when another image is located in the same folder
  • Editing extended style attributes can be undone
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Freeway from saving templates and archives with Action graphics
  • The Display option is available for combined graphics
  • Display is turned back on when a graphic item is dragged into a combined graphic
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Action files from being referenced correctly in templates and archives
  • Fixed a problem that caused "Use master settings" to become unchecked
  • Duplicating an inflow item doesn't remove Clear settings
  • Freeway allows percentage values to be changed in .01 increments
  • The Modify Graphic dialog works properly when it is called from Edit Resources

Freeway ProTech Specs

Free to try
File Size
53.6 MB
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
  • OS X 10.6.8 or later

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